04 January, 2012

The Fourth Man (Based on a true story)

Out the window aglow in sky,
A project of beauty in the eye,
All fingers cross upon this cause,
Hoping efforts make it across.

Before the sun had awaken,
Splashing liquid woke the floor,
Embarkation years forsaken,
Cleaning is his other door.

While engineers perform their tests,
And scientists equate the rest,
Along the halls, he mops the floors,
Though invisible he builds walls.

It’s passion – not a beat for fame,
A grain of sweat for a pound of dream,
What he does – among all the same,
Though, however, it may not seem.

Every seed could grow up a tree,
And reach the sky to eternity,
Before him, sails the crew of three,
‘Cross frontiers and possibility.

One day, someone asked what he does,
In plain response, he’s painted us:
“I help put a man on the moon.”–
Ah! Revelation that afternoon.